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Philosophy & The Charter

 Philosophy of the School of Engineering

The Underlying philosophy of the School is contribute to the sustained advancement of humankind through the advancement of science and the creation of pioneering technologies based on a tradition of engineering excellence, the eternal and priceless source of knowledge accumulated over many generations. The School is resolved to encourage students to recognize the importance of the discovery and analysis of new phenomena as well as experimental synthesis, design optimization and innovation, so that they may better contribute to a deep understanding of the global issues of the new millennium.

Charter of the School of Engineering

  • To participate with intellectual curiosity and determination in the creation of new knowledge based on our tradition of engineering excellence.
  • To create an intellectually inspiring campus through the free exchange of views and information between departments and individual members of the School.
  • To promote the creation of knowledge by en couraging constructive interactions between individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  • To create new fields of study for future of the Earth and humankind; and to contribute to society and the local community by supporting the development of new industries.