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C2: AOTULE Overview

The Asia-Oceania Top University League on Engineering (AOTULE) was founded in 2007, consisting of engineering programs at 12 research universities. A graduate student workshop and Dean’s Meeting are held annually. The members and a brief outline of programs are below. For further information on the AOTULE

see the AOTULE website web

Tokyo Tech Inbound Program

Tokyo Tech Engineering Schools sponsor about 13 summer student researchers annually to conduct research at Tokyo Tech. In this program, students from AOTULE partners are selected based upon nominations from their home univ. engineering Dean’s office. The students undertake research projects on topics of their choice in a host professor’s laboratory and attend a student workshop (MISW) at the end of the summer, where they present their research results and meet other studies in different research fields.

Overseas Partner Programs

AOTULE member universities such as ITB web offer a summer program.

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