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International Exchange Programs


Tokyo Tech Engineering Schools* aim to grow highly technical engineering professionals with global perspectives who will lead the sustainable growth of the world. In this end, we offer a variety of student exchange programs that provide the students with opportunities for deepening their specialty research areas, learning broader advanced technologies, and experience different cultures. Engineering Schools International Exchange Programs are based on the exchange agreements with other universities and funded by various academic funding schemes.
*Tokyo Tech Engineering Schools consist of three schools: School of Engineering, School of Materials and Chemical Technology, and School of Environment and Society.

Course for International Exchange

Tokyo Tech offers a course for those who participate in overseas research internship so that they can gain course credits. The course is called “International Research Program” which is designed for the period of over one month research activities outside Japan. Prior to the registration of the program, the student should submit a study plan and obtain the approval by the instructor. The students that participate in this course are required to submit a report and give an oral presentation after completing the internship.

View International Research Program 3B for [detail] web

Types of Exchange Programs

Tokyo Tech Engineering Schools offer an international exchange program with 5 categories. The latest Call for Applications is found in the following link.

Call for Applicationspdf

Research Exchange Programs with Financial Support

Many of the Tokyo Tech’s Exchange Programs provide financial support. Following table summarizes some of the major programs with financial aid.

Program Inbound Outbound Period Student Admin
SERP No Yes 2-3 months Grad Eng
AOTULE YesYes 2-3 months Grad Eng

UG- upper level undergrad

Grad - MS and PhD students

Financial support is competitive