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C1: SERP Outbound


Number of Dispatch Students

About 2 students per year per host institution
Only those students with GPA 2.3 and above of previous year are eligible.

Tuition Waiver

Tuition waiver at partner universities

Dispatch Period

2 to 3 months during June to September. (Actual period shall be determined by the host faculty)
* 2 months or more is recommended.

Host Institutions

University of Cambridge, Department of Chemistry
University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering
*University of Oxford, Department of Chemistry
*University of Oxford, Department of Engineering Science
University of Oxford, Department of Materials
*Imperial College, Faculty of Engineering
University of Warwick, School of Engineering
University of Southampton
Ecole Polytechnique
Pierre et Marie Curie University
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
*RWTH Aachen, Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences
*RWTH Aachen, Faculty of Civil Engineering
*RWTH Aachen, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
*RWTH Aachen, Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering
*RWTH Aachen, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
University of Minnesota, College of Science and Engineering
University of Wisconsin at Madison, College of Engineering
University of California Santa Barbara
The Pennsylvania State University – University Park


- Applicants must consult with the coordinator of the International Cooperation Office prior to submitting an application.

- Applicants must contact host institutions with * mark to obtain acceptance notice after consulting with the coordinator of the International Cooperation Office prior to the application.

- Applicants must not contact host institutions without * mark until the coordinator of the International Cooperation Office gives further notice.

- Applicants may not be accepted at prospective supervisor’s research group due to host institution’s reason.